Artist Lets Hair Down With Portraits Of Women

By Julian Bermudez
Gazette Arts Writer

Les Jolis Trésors is letting its hair down, so to speak, with a new, distinctly focused exhibit outside its traditional home.

This time, owner and curator Annie Clavel has taken her French-inspired Impressionist paintings to Second Street in Belmont Shore.

Glances of Women,” which opened last Saturday at Hair and Art, features an army of artfully coifed members of the “fairer sex” sporting a wide range of looks and styles. From the gamine to the bombshell, each look is fashioned to represent a personality that is embodied in the visages of these women.

“The intriguing ladies are fresh and free completely captivating as you look in their eyes and see a wide range of emotions and provocative expressions,” states Les Jolis Trésors.

One by one, Clavel enthralls her viewers by exhibiting her penchant for portraiture — a subject matter she should cultivate and harness. The artist excels in capturing the very essence of her archetypical models whose very tresses define their spirit.

“Gipsy” conveys the bohemian, devil-may-care soul that defies convention. With her fiery red hair — and just a streak of mauve for added flair — it’s clear that this woman is force unto her own. Her gaze, looking off into the distance, indicates a vagabond trait sure to break anyone’s heart.

Shimmering blonde locks, steel-cold blue eyes and a stellar smile are the traits of “Coquine.” With her coy smirk and head tilted ever so slightly to the side, this is enough to conjure up ideas of the inner thoughts of this beautiful, coquettish minx.

Obviously, every painting doesn’t represent some historic femme fatale.

Clavel is wise in presenting a range of women, including age and ethnicity.

“Poseuse” is a beautifully-rendered painting of a sophisticated woman with full-bodied, shoulder length hair. Wearing an emerald green dress, her golden mane radiates like the very sun.

With “Mystérieuse,” Clavel conveys strength, assuredness, power, beauty and so much more. Here, a young woman with pixie-like cropped hair (a la Halle Berry) looks directly towards the viewer with a confident smile and a dignified poise. This woman means business and is destined for success.

Clavel’s “Glances of Women” is the best show to come out of Les Jolis Trésors to date. It’s focused, beautiful, engaging and, most importantly, perfect for an alternative art venue such as a hair salon.

Brava to the artist for making this kind of leap.

The exhibit evokes the very spirit this type of establishment aims to convey: a temple of beauty and transformation where women are celebrated and loved.

The exhibit runs through Jan. 2,.

Hair and Art is at 5346 E. Second St. Call 434-0048 for more information.

Les Jolis Trésors is at 3226 E. Broadway. Open from 12:30 to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday through Friday and 2 to 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Call 735-4060 or visit