Les Jolis Trésors Academy
All classes held at the gallery, 3226 East Broadway in Long Beach
(8-class session)
(1-day workshop)
(8-class session)
(1-day workshop)
Web Design
(private class)
Instructor: Annie Clavel Instructor: Annie Clavel Instructor: Annie Clavel Instructor: Annie Clavel Instructor: Gilles Clavel

You will learn various watercolor techniques, as well as how to observe and paint a still life, focusing on light, movement and color.

Annie will help you to find your own way and sensibility.

Next 8-class session starting:
Tuesday, October 15,
2013 at 10 am 

Learn to paint creative abstract paintings while using bright colors to express movement and your inner self.

Expect a lively, spontaneous workshop where you will create several pieces.

Next 1-day workshop:
- Saturday Nov. 2, 2013

Have fun learning the basics: line, shape, form, volume, movement, value, and shading.

Learn how to see!

Next 8-class session starting  
-Wed. October 16, 2013, at 6 pm

Learn how to make freestyle watercolors using your own photos and creativity.

We will talk about compositional elements and color choices.

Previous experience of watercolor needed.

Next 1-day workshop:
Saturday, November 9, 2013
At your pace:
private class

You will build your site with easy-to-use Google tools: Google Sites and Google Docs.

We will train you to harness these tools so that you will later be able to update and improve your site yourself.