Art Gifts of the Week

Our Holiday Selection:
High quality original artworks from selected artists at affordable prices for every budget. 

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Taos Pueblo, by Veronica Schmitt
Taos Pueblo - $120
by Veronica Schmitt

Late Night Refreshments, by Veronica Schmitt
Late Night Refreshments - $180
by Veronica Schmitt

Long Beach - Kite Boards on the Beach, by Annie Clavel
Long Beach, Kite Boards - $100
by Annie Clavel

Patchwork, by Annie Clavel
Patchwork - $90
by Annie Clavel

Blue Stones & Feathers, by Sherri Gleason
Blue Stones & Feathers - $110
by Sherri Gleason

Los Angeles Port, by Ghislaine Gargaro
Los Angeles Port - $350
by Ghislaine Gargaro