Paradise Has Disappeared

Les Jolis Tresors is publishing their first book: a collection of 3 fictional stories written in French by Gilles Clavel, now translated to English, with illustrations by Annie Clavel.

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La Jolla's Little Hero — excerpt

Ekswai: But what do you mean? Who is this Adrénaline?
Placenta: I don't know anything else about her. How do you expect a placenta like me to understand everything that goes on outside? But you, with your talents, maybe you can try to find out more.
Ekswai: Yes, that's it. Exactly. My mother is working at her computer right now. She does lots of research on the internet, and I take advantage of it to expand my knowledge.
Placenta: You can read the screens? You can READ?
Ekswai: No, no. I don't think I can read. Anyway, my mother's screens aren't interesting: nothing but pregnancy, pregnancy. But I've discovered how to open a tab in her navigator, a tab that only I can see. I can't read, but I understand everything there. Look, I'll show you.
Placenta: But I can't see anything outside.
Yes you can! I'll send you the images. That’s what I’ll be doing now.
I'll open the tab, and I'll choose
And then I'll enter "Adrénaline". Look!
Placenta: That's too complicated for me. How do you know all that? With your father's genes, computer science is probably...
Ekswai: Look, don't talk!
You're right. I can see the screen! You're really something.
But explain it to me. I don't understand anything about this display.
Well, I don't know how to read either, but the information in googleForSmartBabies isn't made to be read. This website is only for fetuses who can find it, and it uses the language of fetuses.
There: for "Adrénaline," it tells me that it's found 143,445 results. I'll have to restrict the search. Give me a word that really identifies our Adrénaline.
Placenta: Try "La Jolla." The name of the town where she lives, like us.
Ekswai: There. I'll enter "Adrénaline" with "La Jolla." Ah, that's much better. Now there are only three results. The first two are the addresses of pharmacies in La Jolla. But the third one says: "Adrénaline, la redoutable magicienne de La Jolla."
Placenta: What does that mean?
Ekswai: "The dreadful sorceress of La Jolla." It's in French.
Placenta: You also speak French?
Ekswai: I think so. googleForSmartBabies lets me understand any language.