Paradise Has Disappeared

Les Jolis Tresors is publishing their first book: a collection of 3 fictional stories written in French by Gilles Clavel, now translated to English, with illustrations by Annie Clavel.

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Paradise Has Disappeared — excerpt

This time President Rose-Marie spoke for a long time.
And she concluded in these terms:

Dear compatriots, I can tell you no more about this secret weapon that will protect us from our enemies forever. I say FOREVER! Thanks to the research at NRC - National Research Center, Paradise, our Country, will escape that globalization that would enslave us.

From now on, we shall live in a world without genetically modified organisms, without global warming, and without yellow clothing.
Long live Paradise!

The trust in which the Paradisians held their president remained unaltered, but everyone awaited the elapse of the specified time. What if the mysterious protection proved ineffectual? What if the enemy attacked before the secret defense had been put into effect?

Abroad, most of the countries Rose-Marie had implicated responded with vigorous denials to the accusations leveled against them. The official communiqués denounced the paranoia of the new president.

Only Chindia remained silent. As for President Shinklao, he remembered the sugar and the chocolate: he took Rose-Marie's intentions seriously and suspected an attempt by Paradise to withdraw from its obligations toward Chindia.


President Shinklao speeded up preparations for the invasion of Paradise, secretly negotiating the passage of the Chindian army through Balkanost and Euronord, the two nations between which Paradise was situated. Then two powerful Chindian military columns entered these two countries, converging on Paradise to hold it in a pincer formation.

Three days after Rose-Marie's address, the first units of each column had arrived at their destination. Their amazement corresponded to the incredible fact: the two columns which should have been separated by a full hundred kilometers found themselves face to face. Crossing the border of Balkanost, one entered directly into Euronord.

Paradise had disappeared!