Annie Clavel

Annie Clavel

Annie Clavel is a French artist. She has been painting in California since November 2006.
Annie is the owner and curator of Les Jolis Tresors.

Her art work, including her abstract pieces, represents the colorful diversity of life, our stories, our joys and failures. Her preferred media are acrylic and watercolor. She finds that through them she can best capture l'instant présent.

"My paintings are improvisational. I just begin to paint, ponder, and paint again. I paint what I feel in my heart and imagination, not what I see in front of me, which translates not to a representation of something tangible, but to a painting full of emotion and thought."

Annie approaches her work with a determination that she will finish with something that pleases her eye, her emotions, and her sense of purpose. When painting, her focus is complete and exhaustive, excluding all outside influences, including the list of other tasks she meant to accomplish that day.
Complete focus is depleting and exhilarating all at once, but results in a mental "zone," which produces her best creations.

Fantasy 2
by Annie Clavel, acrylic on canvas, 10" x 10"

Fantasy 2, by Annie Clavel

other artwork by Annie Clavel