Ghislaine Gargaro

Ghislaine Gargaro

The painting process and the finished painting are both a celebration of life. Painting gives the artist the most transforming pleasures. When painting, one feels the ever present beauty of this world.
I am inspired to continue in the path that I have chosen. With joy I am making my way.

Ghislaine Gargaro graduated from Laval University in Quebec City and after a successful career as a nurse and as a nursing manager in the South Bay, art became her main focus. She studied design and drawing at Santa Monica City College and she also studied painting at LAHC. She has done work with the Plein Air Painters of America and for the last five years has been mentored by Master Artist Jove Wang.

Ghislaine paints in all genres. Her oil paintings are scenes from her travels and show her love of drawing in different locations worldwide.

Ghislaine has been in multiple juried shows. Her paintings were jury selected many times for The Women's Club of Pasadena and The Palos Verdes Art Center. She received many first prize awards from the Artist Open Group in Palos Verdes. She also received second place for her painting “Team Work” in the show “Spirit of the Horse” at the Zaske Gallery. She received an Honorable mention for “A Corner of the Mission” Riverside 2010. In August 2009 she was part of a group show at The United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

Afternoon on the Seine, by Ghislaine Gargaro
Afternoon on the Seine
Oil on Linen Canvas, 18" x 14"
At Rest, by Ghislaine Gargaro
At Rest
Oil on Canvas, 20" x 20",SOLD
Paris Drinking Fountain, by Ghislaine Gargaro
Paris Drinking Fountain
Oil on Linen Canvas, 20" x 30"
The Boats of the Seine, by Ghislaine Gargaro
The Boats of the Seine
Oil on Jute Canvas, 18" x 24"
The Arcadians, by Ghislaine Gargaro
The Arcadians
Oil on Canvas, 24" x 30", SOLD
Moon Rising over Long Beach, by Ghislaine Gargaro
Moon Rising over Long Beach
Oil on Canvas 9" x 12", SOLD
Joyful Table, by Ghislaine Gargaro
Joyful Table
Oil on Canvas, 16" x 20",SOLD
The Red Barge (Copenhagen), by Ghislaine Gargaro
The Red Barge (Copenhagen)
Oil on Linen Canvas, 16" x 20"
Still Life with Radishes and Grapes, by Ghislaine Gargaro
Radishes and Grapes
Oil on Linen Canvas, 16"x16"