Janet Bothne

Janet Bothne

Born in Dedham, Massachusetts, Janet Bothne currently works and lives in Santa Monica, California.

I find working with saturated color to be a natural anti-depressant. Stretching the palette to ‘louder’ brights and playful metallics –that I previously thought were too gimmicky, I discovered there are no bad colors, only bad contexts.

Taming intense color is a limited proposition. I do my best to put aside what I think I know and allow myself to become a conduit for this ancient primal force. As I relinquish control and tap into color’s pulse, speed and vibrating musicality, the frustrated musician within me plays notes of pigment with my brush. Multi-layered compositions such as these require interplay of background and foreground, weaving the dancers in and out until the wall between the panels, and even the willing viewer, become part of the stage.

Claves - 68" x 36" acrylic on canvas, diptych

Twilight Time - 20" x 20"