Sherri Gleason

Sherri Gleason

Born in Sacramento, California to artisan parents she began working with textiles primarily very early. She continued sewing and designing through college. She graduated with an Arts Degree in Theater from the University of Georgia. Love of lighting, fabrics and color led eventually to an Interior Design career. In 2000 Sherri focused in on jewelry making as an artistic outlet. Media includes metal, clay, fabric, semi precious stones, glass and crystals.

Sherri’s work is always inspired from places, cultures, other works of art, dance, literature, architecture, and theater. Favorite inspirations are fashion of the 30’s, and 40’s and the stained glass work of artists such as Louis Tiffany. A frequent theme is manipulating hard media to appear soft and flowing. With bold bright colors, and lots of movement, the work is not shy.

“I enjoy creating drama and whimsy, in order to make the wearer stand out in a crowd”

Sherri also works with a local fashion designer, and has appeared in various art galleries in Orange County and LA.

Blue-Green Crystal Cluster - Necklace
Crystal and stones on copper wire
This piece worn by model for 2011 S.A.G. Awards Ceremony

Blue-Green Crystal Cluster, by Sherri Gleason

other artwork by Sherri Gleason