Veronica Schmitt

"Light is the strongest element and the main subject of my paintings. It is the way the light flows through a scene and highlights certain parts that usually inspire me to paint. I don’t stick to only one genre but I have a special affinity toward painting people engaged in their daily activities. I like to create paintings of places and scenes that capture a moment in life. I find my inspiration during my trips to France and in the US."

French artist Veronica Schmitt was born in Paris, France, where she completed a master degree in Art. Former graphic designer, she left her advertising career to become a Fine Art painter.

She has received numerous awards from juried shows and Art competitions and her artwork appeared in “The Artist’s Magazine”.

Veronica has been living in Southern California for the last thirteen years.

by Veronica Schmitt, acrylic, 22" x 28"

Passage, by Veronica Schmitt

other artwork by Veronica Schmitt