Workshops & Painting - All Skill Levels
Annie Clavel  (AC-2)
Sunday, 3/15, 10am-4pm
$90, Members $60 
No early bird discount

Experiment with watercolor on *YUPO® and learn how to balance an abstract composition. The workshop will start exploring the possibilities of what can be done on YUPO® with watercolor: applying and lifting paint, applying smooth washes, working with stamps and masking, mingling color.  Demonstrations will illustrate the technique.  Because paint on YUPO® doesn’t dry fast, we’ll work at least on 2 different paintings at the same time.  Students will progress in their own direction with individual instruction on composition, value, shape, light and movement.  Students must have a basic understanding of any water medium (acrylic, gouache, or watercolor).    

Made of polypropylene, *Yupo is a slick, nonabsorbent surface for painting. The water in the paint evaporates instead of soaking into the paper, which leaves interesting puddles & watermarks and very vibrant colors with transparent watercolors. YUPO® allows very nice textures to form while the paint is drying. Students that have practiced watercolor on paper will appreciate that YUPO® allows to wipe out the paint and to get back to the original white.  

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