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Your Business Website: About Costs

Click the above image
to view our example website

Customize your plan:

website setup (required) – $60
fully functional home page, similar to example (left)
horizontal menu bar with layout for additional pages
basic training (optional) – $40
update your home page
domain management
advanced training 1 (optional) – $70
picture management
update / add pages
advanced training 2 (optional) – $70
page layout and design techniques

By customizing your plan, you minimize your costs!

For example:

If you are familiar with computers and with some of the basics of website set-up and management, or if you don't need a more complex website, you may not need training, and can opt for the basic website setup only.
If you are new to the internet, or to how websites conceptually work and function, you may want to consider training so you can better manage your site in the future. The "basic training" option is for this.
Or, if you know the basics but are looking to widen your knowledge, then we recommend you opt for more advanced training. More advanced training is also recommended if you need a more intricately designed site.