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Your Business Website: How It Works

1 - You specify your website needs to our team, and provide us with your site's content (pages, menu, navigation).
2 - We build your site with easy-to-use Google tools:
We will train you to harness these tools so that you will later be able to update and improve your site yourself.
3 - We train you:
When your site is launched, you manage it yourself. No ongoing fees or maintenance costs. Even the hosting of your website is free!

Ever considered having your own website to promote your business?

  • Usually, you will pay for your site's design, pay a monthly fee for the hosting of your site, and pay again each time you want to update a page.
  • An alternative to this would be using an online service with a predefined website. Unfortunately, you would still have to pay a monthly fee and, for the updates, you would be restricted to only those changes allowed by the site's predefined settings.

We are offering you a more flexible solution with a single one-time fee for the set-up and the training, no monthly fee, and free hosting.
Thanks to the training, you update your web pages yourself, add new pages, at no cost!

Our Offer

  • We build your site with easy-to-use Google tools.
    A free Google account is needed, but if you don't have one, we'll set one up for you.
  • When your site is ready, you will be trained by our staff on how to maintain it using free Google tools (Google Sites and Google Docs).
  • Then your site is launched, and you have full control:
    - your site is part of your Google account,
    - it is hosted for free. 
    - you update it yourself, according to your wishes.

One time set-up and training costs are between $60 and $240
No ongoing fees or maintenance costs!